Sunday, August 1, 2010

how to cut DOWN SUGAR intake?

everyday during breakfast we will surely prepare our full drink to start the day. be it nescafe kaw, kopi susu, teh tarik, milo dinosaur or even neslo. yummieeeeeh~!! but somehow i realise that every single day i feel guilty taking in too much sugar~ hohohoho *yes i am health cautious! haha* well... its not so much about taking good sweet drink, but more on thinking what sugar could result in future... diabetic. owh... NO NO NO. so i trained myself daily to avoid sugary drinks. lets share

how to cut DOWN SUGAR intake?
my way

started with your current dosage, everyday you reduce it to a half teaspoon of sugar intake i.e. milk, sugar, coffee mate, honey etc. yes i know honey is a very good substitute to sugar BUT just be caution on amount taken daily ya.. too much is always a NO-NO. so... moderation is still the best!

as for me, i am a milo person. hehe. coz i am simply NOT a caffein addict. erm... am just cant tolerate the taste. sorry u ols~ but i do love the coffee bean smell~~ aaaaa.....heaven! so... while slowly reducing the sugar amount, i slowly increase the milo amount. this is towards making a milo o without sugar

once successful, tadaa~~ here i am now a milo-O-without-sugar person! owh.. yes you are absolutely rite!! milo also contain sugar and now i am trying hard to reduce the milo amount pulak!

wish me luck bebeh~~


tiefazatie said... mmg kurangkan gule dr dulu lg..tkt gemok..hahaha

mama zharfan said...

me a tea person - me don't drink coffee at all :p sometimes me jd milo person jugak, with minimal sugar but without milk of course :p

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