Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VACAY2010 : day02_Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

DAY TWO brought us to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. it was almost 2hrs drive from MH via M1 freeway. we arrived around noon in Ballarat. its a small peaceful town i shall described


the entrance into sovereign hills cost us AUD41 per person and include gold museum entrance.

 this place is a preserve rebuilt gold mining mines representing its time. overall the place is not that big but it has a LOT to offer! there were

chinese camp

gold digging area

small rebuilt town

bowling alley


and many other things. owh yeah.. not to forget they also have actors & actresses that act almost everywhere inside the area. it was cool as you can see them in the old time clothes, they way they speak, the ways they talk to us as if we were in the same time as them!! *it reminds me to london!!*

we took a fully guided underground gold mine tour that cost AUD7.50 per person for 40mins. its worth going and i recommend for those who wanted to see the real underground mine.


we completed our tour almost at 5pm and ready to have our lunch!! *LOL* yes yes yes... sangat lambat kan~~ huhuhu. kebulur!! as the day is getting darker, we headed back to melbourne..


we are not going home yet coz it was still early as we reached melbourne at 8.30pm. what did we do next??

stay tune~~~


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