Wednesday, August 18, 2010

late last nite i just realise that.....

it has been 9 years since the first day i met ku!! huhu. no wonder yesterday i felt like
"what is this day ya... seems very familiar... 17 aug 17 aug..."
but i just didnt catch it!! maybe too bz with work as it was my first day back at work

alhamdulillah fate has been written for us to be in the same path
alhamdulillah destiny has made it easy for us
alhamdulillah challenges has strengthen our relationship
i thanked Allah for all the rezeki, happiness and challenges that has crossed our path

our prayer every single day
for Allah to protect our marriage
for Allah to berkati our relationship
for Allah to open up our pintu rezeki
for Allah to grant us kemudahan utk hidup di dunia & akhirat


~ my simple quote ~
life is a game. it never be too easy nor never be too hard. otherwise, its not gonna be exciting. one must always expected obstacles along the way. the grand prize... priceless!! and it should be in the next life

may Ramadhan improve our ibadah and sujud kepadaNYA. insyaAllah


mama zharfan said...

nice rhyming..nice pic too. congrats for the 9 happy years ;)

Kudin said...

hepi anniversary...semoga ur marriage kekal 10..20..30..40..50..60...thn mendatang...ujian pasti ada, so kita sbgi manusia kene la cari jln utk selesaikannya dgn bijak dan berhikmah...

hana.basri said...

suzie : thanx :)

kudin : erm.. bukan anniversary of marriage tp anniversary of meet *boley ke?*

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