Thursday, August 19, 2010

VACAY2010 : day03_GreatOceanDrive

DAY THREE is our top most must visit place in Victoria. we are very much looking forward for this drive since day 1 planning for this vacay. altho the day started as cold as 8degC, our eagerness keep us warm..... huhu

Great Ocen Drive

 is actually a drive along the coastal Gread Ocen Road with amazing-amazing-spectacular-no word can describe view!! *subhanallah* its indeed beautiful-gorgeous-pretty-absolute beauty. with the wave, the rock, the sky, the scenery, the curve, the sound, the smell, the everything... its perfect!! we are a nature lover, and to be specific beach and open sea lover. its totally magnificant-fantastic-awwwwwwwwww

we managed to make various stops at various spots. really bersyukur to AlMighty in giving us such opportunity in our life to have this experience in the world *alhamdulillah* it was a total of 4hrs++ one way drive duration until 12 Apostle and just 2 hours drive back via M1 freeway. along the way, we have made passed by and/or stops at few towns and spots

Geelong & the Bellarine
the first small town which we passed by

Hutt Gully, Anglesea
the first beach stop we have made. got few people is having fun fishing here *wink* its a very much "slow and steady" beach with not much waves. very long settled beach

Split Point Lighthouse, Aireys Inlet
*btwn anglesea and lorne*
we dropped by this lighthouse with ku asking "cantik ke?" erm... how to answer that?? *like i have been here* huhu "takpe we just drop by je coz takot tak sempat pegi yg satu lagi kat apollo bay tu". its a very easy route to get in here and tadaa~~ the light house stood tall there. to look at the open sea without the boundary, to look at the open sea that seems calm *zzzzzzzzzz* very relaxing!

Eastern View beach
just a few km away from the lighthouse, we saw very tiny miny people is surfing happily! our first time ever tgk org surfing. huhu

Cinema Point
driving up the hill brought us here to the point. its one of the point identified in the great ocean road history. there are stories of all the points identified but u google la ye *wink*

Cathedral Rock
the first stop with a curve and many many rocks. its not quite deep or steep but instead more shore with black rocks. waves wise... moderate


the first town that we have made a stop for lunch! we are sooo hungry but we just couldnt afford to stop for such duration coz still a loooong way to go ahead. so we decided to takeaway bread and eat with our tuna *wink*

helgas is the only brand that we could find here *apparently the only one* that does not contain any animal emulsifier. alhamdulillah ada rezeki utk lunch! *belasah*


gosh.. still a loong way to 12 Apostle peeps!! will continue soon. stay tune~~ muaach!


Zal said...

hai hana, this is nice :) boleh collect tips from your travel blog ni.

hana.basri said...

hi zal~ silakan... :) if u wanna the itinerary, details etc, lemme know so i can pass to u for u guide nnt

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