Monday, August 30, 2010

VACAY2010 : day06_Sydney... here we come!

its time to say goodbye to Melbourne *city* in our DAY SIX. woke up very early to pack all stuff and ready to rock Sydney u ols~~!! we took the skybus from city to the airport.

it was on an hour flight connecting Melbourne-Sydney. we arrived Sydney around 1030am and start searching for the cheapest transportation into the city...

bus 400

tweet tweet~~ u just walk outside, pass through a parking area and tadaaa~ u will see the bus stand. but be alert that there are two buses numbered as 400. take the one that go to bondi junction. it cost us only AUD4.30 to get until Randwick, where the Malaysia Hall Sydney lies. u may opt for train taht cost around AUD17 + AUD 7.80 *if am not mistaken* that 17 dollar is the cost just to get you out of airport zone. or you may opt for cab that will cost much more expensive.

arriving in Randwick, a small nearest town to MH, we asked around shops there for MH. no one seems knows where izzit except this one indian guy. his description is precisely correct... but only his timing advice is way too offset!! huhu. he said its around 2-3 mins but it took us 20mins!!! well i guess he must thot that we are driving ~~ huhu

here in Sydney MH, you have to take off ur shoe before entering. the room has its own private bathroom. we dont have a chance to meet kak nani as she just received a granddaugh. awww....... next time ye kak nani. really wanted to meet u!

after some rest, we bought our weekly pass that cost us way cheaper than daily pass!! only AUD57. owh... dont be surprised with the amount coz you can use it for all mode of transportation *except taxi* and to anywhere in the railmap!! *hows that!!* hehe. just google about myMulti pass

ku has been asking for spot for buka puasa. i was like... "i dunno lah.. janji berbuka!" as ku wanted to have the best moment for our 1st time and 1st day buka puasa in Sydney, we chose to buka puasa at the

Sydney Opera House

i tell you... for those photographer and camera freak, please come down here during dust as you can see the best, if not, the greatest view of Sydney!!! the colour, the sky, the lighting, the everything.. is perfect!! even the Harbour bridge climb cost the most expensive during dust! *believe it??*

i just L.O.V.E to hang out here as you can see the beautiful combination of city, harbour and nature *subhanallah* no wonder people just love to be here in Sydney... its gorjes!!

stay tune for my Sydney tours in DAY SEVEN!

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mama zharfan said...

gorjes pics indeed!!

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