Thursday, August 26, 2010

VACAY2010 : day05_DFO Moorabbin

day05 in Melbourne brought us away from nature and into the world of SHOPPING!! i was very much looking forward for this ever since i planned for it coz i targetted to shop pumpkin patch here in

DFO Moorabbin

in aussie, DFO or direct factory outlet consist of many factory outlets that includes wide range of brands e.g. kids, adult, household, fashion etc. in Melbourne, there are 3 of it including Moorabbin. we went out early that morning to send our rental car back to europcar *it has been great dealing with you since our europe tour last year, thank you*

from here, we must buy zone 1& 2 daily pass that cost AUD10.60. we took tram until Glenhuntly and change to another train heading towards Cheltenham. arriving at this last stop, we walked down *just ask ppl over there* and waited for a bus. lastly, we arrived safely at the DFO.

it was raining breezingly that day. and my shoe was half wet. its still ok.. but the thing that i cannot stand is that i can feel my socks inside is wet too!! gosh its cold ok~~ my shoe has worn out i guess... *alasan!* so i started with not so good mood. ku went to bought me a pair of socks but i told him its better to find a new shoe. who knows its going to rain again in sydney! LOL. walking through the DFO, i targetted for pumpkin patch, nike and roxy. i knew that i couldnt bring back any corelle, vision, pyrex and their brother & sister coz we are going to sydney afterwards *sad* there was quite a number of great bargain at the tableware and not to mention in sheridan as well!

my search for pumpkin patch ended me at cotton on for qist coz pumpkin patch dont have a good bargain at that time. for me, my search for nike ebrings me to puma simply becoz there is no nike here u ols~~ *sobsob* puma pon puma laaa.... hangkot saje! its quite cheap here for a pair of walking shoe cost me only AUD49 aka RM150 *hows that!* huhu yeay~~

ku started to feel hungry and i still feel so "full". hahaha.. shopping makes me kenyang! we finished off touring around and headed to the supermarket next door for turkish bread and milk. our lunch was late and freezing! alhamdulillah...qist was sleeping soundly.

we headed back to MH around 5pm and it was very cold becoz it was raining whole day. but one thing for sure... my feet is S.A.F.E *wink*


mama zharfan said...

my sis told me that corelle is so cheap in OZ.she bought some sets for her and me ;)

hana.basri said...

yup suzie!! berpinau mata pandang~~ tp kene tahan jelaa.. sbb en ku tanak bwk pegi sydney! huhu

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