Friday, April 30, 2010

when qist not out for a day to da playground~~~

as today i am full with mamakuQis thingy, qist had to rela hati follow me everywhere. as ila, my youngest sis, is coming back today, so mama has asked me to bring the single foam mattress from home. once reached papa's crib, i loaded all stuff including the mattress. this is what happen when qist in not going to the playground for a day....

qist's slide invention!!!!!

before start..... ready & standy by 

haa... she carried her socks as well... while talking to her socks, she let go the sock~~!! konon2 mcm socks tu take part la in this slide challenge! 

qist was sooooo happy playing~~~ not only with her socks, but also nenek's tupparware plates and mimi from upin ipin!!!! hahaha.. this is the funny part coz i heard she was talking like taking turns to slide etc. rupe2nye..... mimi yg chinese girl!! alahai mimi~~~ comei sgt!

sure ku pengsan gelak tgk ni~~!!!! hohohohoho

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