Wednesday, April 14, 2010


to my dear best friend..
i understood
the feeling that you felt right now
the moment that you have gone through
the passing days that will come by
how much love has been created
how much courage has been carried
the feeling as a mother
is always the same
to have it, to own it

its hard to accept it
nor easy to neglect it
always remember
that Allah's love is great
that Allah has a greater plan for you
in the very near future
the hikmah that we never know
until we meet it
only then we realise
how true it is for us to redha

be strong my best friend
in which you have to be one
fill your days with quran recital
be near to your love ones
we are here to accompany you
we will never leave you alone

~ sincerely from my heart to you ~

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