Saturday, April 17, 2010

steamboat @ home

alhamdulillah... steamboat nite was well done! (chewah...angkat sendiri maa). everyone's happy, host lagi la happy. when MANU win everything's finished, lagi la bersemangat eating & cleaning up



fresh prawn & crab
broccoli & enoki mushroom
vege fishball, crabstick & mushroom sausage
tomyam soup 
(serai, yellow onion, daun limau purut, limau nipis, thai tomyam paste, tomyam kung paste)

*actually forget to snap b4 eating..hoho


soak everything inside the boiling tomyam soup
(of course no other method for steamboat rite~)


everyone's full, host happy, time for cleaning up...owh did i mentioned i already ask the makcik cleaner to come over??

im done now... got to sleep *wink*
thanx ku for helping out

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