Saturday, April 24, 2010 to do that???

for the topic, i think its worth to sleep at 1am and now 5am waking up doing some research online. i was so amazed for the fact that working mommies is sooo all out making side works *haa... what are you thinking tu!!*, generating more money!! and for the fact that i am going aiming to that category, why not bersengkang mata menimba ilmu kan~~ how i prayed every single day that the opportunity will come, that the time is near, that the right person should be approached. for coaching, for learning, for sharing. i am thought since i was small and always believe til now that if you want something sooo hard, Allah will give you at the end. its a matter of time. papa always thought me that...

"in life, dont hold it too hard until its gone nor too loose that it easily gone BUT hold it firmly and nicely so that it is comfortably fit you palm"

as a daughter, i always find hard to believe it take it seriously simply coz my dad has thousands and thousands of positive thinking in his head!!! give it a try, never give up, you can do it, never say no and list goes on... and its true that match is made in heaven. as for my mom whom character is opposite of my dad, also thought me to be

fast learner, stretch your target & performance, competitor, aim high

well... true enuff that of course i dont realise it when i was small *yelaaa..sbbnye bile kene marah or brainwash, mane nk masuk dlm kepala* but thinking back, Allah is soooo maha mengetahui that has many hidden secret for us to uncover it. even if you think you understand yourself, but enough saying it, you are NOT! why?? becoz if we are, we should be a better person. true?? i guess i still need to buy that book lah... i think i have uncovered some of my secret. so... 

what is your SECRET?

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