Friday, April 23, 2010

unforgettable MEMORY ever~

while having lunch with the gurls today, we gossiping about so maaaaany things! slowly we track back and back until the topic reach about our school. of course there's tooo many to talk about.  

what is your UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY EVER being a student??

primary school : owh.... i stil remember during my primary times, there were many Bosnia student in our school. siap ada specific area for them lagi. there is one boy in my class which i hated soooo much! hahahah... cant remember why~~~ what i remember when we had a fight that i kicked him *chewah....berani gile la konon dengan harapan his gentleman laa.... what do you expect man!!* skali tu he kicked me back!!! i was like "how could you!!!" hahahh

lower secondary school : every month when our "auntie's visit" time, gurls mestila coootiii kan. disebabkan tanak the boys noticed that we are peot cant prayed, we hide under the table and stay silent for like .. 1 hours???! berpeluh2 la ketiak menahan sbb kene tutup kipas lagi~!

upper secondary school : my time in asrama is one of my best memory. gurls dorm is exectly opposite of the guys. hye u gurls!!! still remember tak how we stay up late at nite semata2 nak mengintai our boys kene ragging!! head boy pon join sama ragging bebudak ni~! siap korang.....

university : wah~!!! time waas the best time to usha guys. hohoohohooho. peep them from our window & everywhere lah! BUT what i cant forget was our "modelling" time with housemate. hahahhha. disebabkan tade keje lain nak buat, we are like pegi jogging la konon with cam and post like hell everywhere. siap ada aksi cam bibik indon~!!! tak tahan........

wwwooooooo...there are of course more to talk about kan kan?? those were mine..


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