Friday, April 23, 2010


yesterday i received a call from my virtually frens from shopwithmito. tell you... her son got HINI last few weeks *hope his recovering dear* what make me felt very the tak puas hati becoz....... she mentioned that the tadika/nursery that she sent her son tu got 1 case of this virus and they DONT tell the parents!!!!!!!!!!!! agak emo la kan??? harusssssssslah!!!!!!! apekah bengos sgt korang ni??? apekah korang ni!!! pentingkan status sgt ke or takot parent lari??? weellllll...u have to tell us parent coz what ever happen to our kids its our responsibility, not YOURS hokeh!! kalau anak dah warded, adakah u ols susah ????? offfff courseeee llaaaahhh not kan??!!!! korang stakat lah boleh sympathize. sungguh benci!! ini statement ganaz di pagi jumaat yerr~~~~


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