Friday, April 16, 2010

hamour & chips

TGIF nite! and it means weekend's treatment. this time around we are having HAMOUR & CHIPS. owh whats that?? its fish & chips lorr... cumenye the fish is hamour aka kerapu. during our visit to Doha dec09, mama has fall in love with this giant. when she came back here in feb, she decided to tapau back for us yg tak merasa hamour masa kat sana. owh...bukan skit2 ye~~ its 10kg! how on earth mama terpikir nak bawak balik byk gitew (?)

version mama


Fish : fish fillet (fish only, not coated), flour, bread crumb, egg
French fries
salad, tomato &b lemon
Sauce : mayo, black pepper sauce, cili sauce (mix all... nyum nyum!)


fry the fries
cut salad & tomato
coat fish with flour, egg & bread crumb = fry

thats all! and the result........

*ya btul... along,udin,mito sila jeles! hoho

owh... sbenanye sgt lupe kat lemon! how come lorr~~~


Nur Asyiqin said...

amboihhh sdap tuh...bagus bagus dh ade blog...i pon kena active berblog la lps nih....

Anonymous said...

haa...jeles kan?? kitorang makan sambil menitik2 air liur ingat kat qatari :P

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