Saturday, April 24, 2010

NO added sugar juice = normal juice?? u sure?!!

ok now... talking about no addedd sugar juice, the 1st thing that trigger us is NO SUGAR. rite? but we must be very very careful if the drink has substituted sugar with aspartame as it is the culprit, worst than sugar. ok not this topic that im highlighting it here but rather orange juice drink vs orange juice (no added sugar). the fact that im a health cautious person *ok now i admit it..theeehehehee*, im concern on things going into my body. my concept of eating is simple "eat only things that give you nutrition NOT being a machine to process food" *but sometime i forget this concept...eating what??*

as your body will only adsorb goodies from food and others will be redistribute everywhere in the body, one must be very careful esp woman approaching 30s. arrggghhh..... its not the number that im afraid of but rather the fitrah alam yg mmg menjadikan woman cycle that way. well... of course we cant against it rite?! unless taking in botox, plastic surgery etc lah~~!!

while browsing around the market for weekly supply, ku felt like having orange juice coz katanya "sakit tekak ni kene minum juice la..." *apakah??* well... as usual peel fresh orange juice cross my mind. owh.. i choose peel fresh compared to others. when i compared its orange juice drink vs orange juice (no added sugar), i was stunned for the fact that the sugar content is very much similar!!! so ape yg lainnye?? dahla mahal for almost double kan~~~ we came out with soooo many theories about it. siap debate lagi hokeh~! well...nature being engineer camtula kot. last2 tak puas hati jgk i google about it. hurm.... quite hampa coz i didnt get what i want. i came across few website and article that compared the calories content between the two..

for me, i believe that for the fact that the similar sugar content is derived from a higher juice content in the no added sugar version. thats the only reason that make sense. well.....after all

orange juice DRINK = juice + sugar
orange juice (no addedd sugar) = juice only


uten said...

Better u beli oren and make urself...dun be so malas !!!

hana.basri said...

hurmmmmmm........ baiklah!

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