Saturday, April 17, 2010

dip.toss.feel it~!

today bangun bit early than usual. took my daily supplement..tell u its good! extract of 23 botanic herbs, for detox of body, strengthening 8 important internal organ.. what more can i say. telan jela~! going into 30's group make me worry on internal digestion & metabolism rate. kekadang tu buat2 lupe jugak~~ lalalallalaala

went for bfast @ sharifah sect 7. nasi lemak kukus good, sambal pedas (owh.. very the tak tahan),roti canai oklah.. lembut but not that garing. owh....lambat gile sampai coz they forget ku's order (boley??)

this time went to pasar coz nak catch fresh goods for tonite's dinner @ my home. its dip....toss....feel it~!! uuuummmhhhhh....... last time have it was like before along went to qatar..hurm... like last year june (?!)

yaa... sila guess

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