Tuesday, April 27, 2010

designer's ALERT!!!!

owwhhhh yeahhh~~~! this is what was in my mind yesterday *wink wink wink*

are you fans of top designer's of gucci, salvatore ferragamo, prada, miu miu, louis vuitton


im sure you are!!!!!!!!!
*tak dpt beli tgk pon jadila kan kan?*

this is a very the berry good news for you...
we can bring you those designer's at a lower cost for you!!!
*owh...no no. its not the imitation one u ols~!! im not the fan*
tempting?? grab this opportunity while euro is very very low

my friends is coming back from italy 
mid next month
take home with you

place you order now!!
5 simple steps
email me at hana.basri@yahoo.com
tell me which item's design & description
get your quotation
50% payment to confirm order
*NOTE: full refund if item not available BUT 
no refund for cancellation available item upon purchase
get your items deliver~~

from now til 7 May 2010

donnnt missss it!!!

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