Monday, April 26, 2010

redang island escapade

olla peeps!! from my recent trip, would like to share you our visit's comparison
aug2008 vs mar2010

redang island escapade

target : planned getaway vs short-while-biz-trip-to-KT getaway season : peak vs low price : rm512 (can get rm439 during low time) vs rm364 resort : laguna redang islang resort vs redang beach resort package : both 3D2N full board boat transfer : laguna speedboat vs ferry jetty marang vs syahbandar

comment/advice/tips : since we opted for afternoon transfer last mar2010, we have to choose redang beach resort package. we dont put a high hope in this resort since we knew some of the review. comparing laguna and redang beach, we prefer laguna redang beach resort moooooooreeeee simply becoz they have dedicated jetty, dedicated speedboat, far better environment, room services, housekeeping, wide selection of food, tv, coffee&tea making facilities, more comfortable bed, better snorkeling spots, swimming pool. with additional rm120 gitu, we think its worth it~!!!! seriously~~ je satu bende that we like about redang beach resort.... the swing! hoho

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