Monday, April 26, 2010


hi working mommiess~! start you day with simple breakfast. its fast, its easy, its healthy too~~!!

 wholesome toast 
serve with mushroom sausage, egg & vege ball
sauté with onion & hot chili

4 ayamas mushroom cocktail sausages (cut half)
2 vege balls (cut quarter)
1 egg
2 red onion (slice)
4 hot chillies (mash)
ground black pepper

warm pan with oil
sauté onion & hot chillies
put in sausages & vege balls
scrambled egg
sprinkle pepper
mix together
serve with 2 toasts

u need only 5 mins to get it done!! say goodbye to tasty nasi lemak & milky teh tarik (arghhhh!!)


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