Sunday, April 25, 2010

the LORD of tooth

siannnnnnnn qist~~~~ its been 3days already and her high fever is still up & down. last friday morning i woke-up in shock when her temperature shown 38.7C. masyaAllah....!! straight away sponging the whole body, continue taking her temp *thanx ku for buying the ear thermo!* , continue again with hydrating the body. berat hati nk g keje..... the whole friday her temp is still high... . her temp later at night ok and by sat morning became normal. lega~~~  but biasalah it continue with flue & cough. all of a sudden early this morning she shown high temp again!! eehhh.....??? im confuse now... rupenye her molar tooth is coming out~~ awww..... pity her.... no wonder she's been less interest in food, porridge, milk. she took mainly plain water &  biscuit. alhamdulillah minum jugey susu when her temp goes down yesterday... a pediatrician says

"teething can cause diarrhea and a mild diaper rash because your child's excessive saliva ends up in his gut and loosens his stools. Inflammation in the gums, he thinks, may cause a low fever (under 101degF = 38.3degC)" **

however, a child development experts say

"teething cannot cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite and that these are signs of illness that should be checked out........... probably due to an infection unrelated to teething, but that the stress associated with teething could make your child more vulnerable to infection right before a new tooth appears." ** i understand why she behaved that way... ok enuff on the fact. what i need for her today.... her rubber teething ring and biscuit to ease her soreness. i am wondering where is her 

tooth fairy...!!


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