Sunday, April 18, 2010


after steamboat-ing yesterday nite, had a flue & blocked nose pulak. took redoxon double action. yup the vit C. i hardly telan ubat2 doc ni after papa's story about the western manipulation on drugs (scary kot!). serius dorang ni mata duitan! even in discovery channel penah reveal about a man who found a treatment for cancer but was banned and left out. ya lorr.... the drug's industry for cancer je like what? many many billions!!! gile hape..

ku pepagi lagi kul 8am pegi join gotong royong our taman. owh..our community here is very the active one. so many activities being held already. recently, was program with UPNM etc etc lah. alhamdulillah.. its good being around here. tenkiu tok ketua! since im not feeling like going, i join the guling-guling activity with qist. ingat best la activiti... tup2 "mama...upin ipin...!" haiyo~~ tak sempat2 ok nk terjunam dlm mimpi.. terpaksa la join qist ber-psp dgn upin ipin. nnt bile dh download her favourite's channel 613 cartoons, alamat tidoq lambat kot memalam!

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