Wednesday, April 28, 2010

another trip as personal shopper

peeps peepss!!! went to prada & ferragamo. owh... miss ferragamo has so many collection yg sgt cantik. i mean... the purse. it range between rm1300-rm1800. cannot take pics la 

so went out to prada pulak. here the collection simpler. the wallet range between rm1300-rm1600. i took some pics. 

owh yes yes!!!! i tried this shocking pink babe~~ soooo chantek. rm3000. so gurls, can decide now?


exodia said...

I'm shocked!!! Can be consider for personal collection :) kena rajin carik duit ni!!!

hana.basri said...

truely exodia! thats the only prada that catch my eyes inside the store~~ keep me in ur loop in case u want me to be your personal shopper here :)

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