Sunday, April 25, 2010

tips to tackle toddler's high fever

as a mom, everyone wanted the best for their kiddos. when things goes wrong, we tend to get panic attacked and dont know what to do. based on my sister's experience, i learnt a lot on ways to tackle high fever. for me, my definition of high fever is when your child's body temp is around/exceed 38.7degC (101.6degF)

1. sponging - use small towel or sponge. start from bottom-up i.e. feet to head. this is to ensure the body does not get shocked with the water temp. the objective is to keep the body cools down. let the water to self-adsorb into the body.

2. bath - if your kiddos's temp is too high (above 39.5degC / 103degF), straight bring them to the toilet and bath them bottom up as well. this is a better method to ensure the body gain more water. use the tab water, not hot water. i repeat... tab water~~ let the water to self-adsorb into the body.

3. monitor - make sure you have a reliable thermometer to get the best reading. those days i was using normal automatic thermo *ala...yg panjang tu n bile abis reading bunyik beep beep. got it?*. but for me i think that thermo cant provide fast reading *yela...mana larat nk tgu lama..tensi!*, we opt for ear thermo. you cant get this thermo at guardian or watson or even clinic! its fast, very very very fast

4. hydrate - if you feel to keep your kiddos hydrated, pat pat water on their body and let the water to self-adsorb into the body. continue doing it until you feels that its enuff

5. coverage - if you are doing the above at night, make sure that u dont wet their chest & head (minimal at face only). this is to avoid ur kiddos get flu, cough or pneumonia.

6. sleep - dont ever use blanket to cover you kiddos and dont put long sleeve & socks. we want to let go the heat, not keep them with the kiddos

thats about it peeps~~ keep your kiddos healthy :)

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