Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hydration pllzzzz

been eying for good face mask quite sometimes. used to go for regular monthly facial with SK-II with the same beautician, Sasa. she was long gone already and here i am not going for like.....3 years (OMChanel!!). my excuses reasons : outstation, travel, busy, pregnant & sewaktu dgnnye. BUT when i visited aster spring klcc, they analyse my skin and told me that mine is going to slightly dry compared to combination previously. owhhhhh NO! this going to 30's thingy makes me scared... (hell yeah!). the lady told me that the best is to hydrate my skin. tak puas hati... when down to my regular SK-II beautician, karen. yes...truth is bitter!! haha. she also said the same thing (owh tidak!!) and adviced me to continue with facial and use HYDRATING mask once a week. its normal for all asean woman to face similar skin condition around that age. for slightly dry to dry skin need intensive hydration. this means u need to drink a lot of water.. >2L everyday.

here i am been searching for a intensive hydrating mask that ranges between RM8-15 *sbb degil walaupun proven that SK-II mask is the best in the market*. mcm2 product i search through and found this

nivea aqua sensation face mask

1)  what I like about the mask? its a moisture boost mask by 15x hydration
2) how does it looks like? like above.. although its a one-piece mask, tp ada few segmentation to fit in your face easily
3)  how does the texture? hydration mask of course rich with something like jelly watery type
4) how does it feel? at first my eyes bit pedih2..but later ok. for the face, during the session, ok je takde feel pape pon e.g. tightness. after took out, my face feels supple *of course la sbb water absorption is high*
5) what I dislike about it? the mask segmentation
6) would I continue to use? so far i hardly comment on this. need to try few more times and see the result. if you ask, would like to continue few more times? YES, to see the progress

remember.. using the one-piece mask, you must use according to the advice duration. for this mask, its 15min. WHY? becoz if continue to use, once the hydration on the mask reduce or become very minimum, it will do the reverse work pulak.. instead of supplying the good to your skin, it will absorb back!! rugi la duit mak~

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