Saturday, April 24, 2010

what is your FANTASY???

waaahhh~~!! panazzzz gitew... owh.. no no!! dnot think tooo hard u olss~ every saturday everyday in his 2 weeks off-day, ku will managed his fantasy football team, kuqis. yezzaaaa.... true enuff its from our cutie mootiee lil daughter name. hoho. *commercial sungguh nama itew* i dont  really bother the game at all~~ lalalalala... but i guess majority of man around the world play this. well.... this include football fans, footballer, coaches and not to forget kaki bangku! while this fantasy includes famous league in the world, ku choose the premier league *ok now im traying hard to blog this.. i need to ask him then only he answered! goshhh~~* talking about premier leagues, this means christiano not playing in it. owh.... no wonder he never appeared in ku's player list! now i know christiano is playing in La Liga. while the ranking of each team falls under 2 category.. overall world level and own created group, kuqis ranked as.........

world ranking
*think the total team is >200,000!!

la liga de hermanos group ranking
*total of 17 teams sooo impressed!! no wonder ku has been so bersemangat when it comes too managing it. so ladies~~~ need a coach on this?? buzz us! lets join the fantasy football. i bet we have a better name for it...  la liga de pinkish perhaps??


uten said... be a leader of his liga, i´m sure and dah tau lame that abg madi hav lots of knowledges about this awak mmg ahli pasif when come 2 sport, then thank god u hav a so-called `virtual´ sportsman as ur husband..

hana.basri said...

wah~~~ i assume its compliment lah~! hohohoo. eh... i sport jugey~~ jogging kire kan??

uten said...

if u consider jog as a sport, then bley la jugak...

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