Sunday, April 18, 2010

toddler porridge v1

as usual, one of my weekend day will be slot for cooking qist's porridge. those days when she was 6 mths, i woke up everyday @ 4.30am to cook fresh for that day. yup, n that includes weekday as well. sbb tu kekadang jadi zombie! docs said to maintain the freshness & hygiene. i folo jela.... after she reach around 11 mths, when my work was busy at its peak, i reduced to cook the porridge to once every 2 days. ni kire rajin tahap dewa juge ni. after she reach 1 year 3-4 mths gitu, then i started to prepare for 1-week supply *saya mintak maaf ye doc!*



1/4 Chicken (bhgn isi)
3-4 ketul tulang daging (yg ada isi skit2)
3 small cup rice
1 carrot
1/2 red capsicum
1 small potato
1/2 knorr ayam (no added msg)


- boil water and put in tulang & chicken. leave it to become stock around 1hr
- take-out tulang & chicken. pour in rice. let it cook slowly another 45 mins
- grate carrot, capsicum, potato. set aside
- grate/blend chicken. not too hancur
- once rice has nearly become porridge, pour in grated/blended chicken. 

- add in knorr ayam
- let it cook slowly
- separate half of the porridge into another pot
- put in carrot on one pot, and capsicum+potato into another pot
- tutup api & wait for it to cool down
- put 4 senduk chicken porridge into each tupperware

well...sounds lama kan kan? 2 hours in total. tp actually takde dok ngadap je. can do other things at the same time. cook for dinner, eat dinner, tgk tv etc. owh.. why capsicum ya? tak pedas ke? at first i was bit terkejut when my fren told me she do use capsicum for her son's porridge. actually capsicum tak pedas pon! when u nak masak, buang the biji2 & the center white area tu. its actually taste quite sweet. if you feel 2 hrs is too long, ill share next week on my fish porridge pulak.stay tune~


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