Thursday, April 15, 2010

unplanned REUNION

after work today went to buy some Big Apple for Mira and dropped by her house sekejap je. was a bit rushing since nak catch mama pulak. she looked happy today (thats good to see)..alhamdulillah. mira said aini & kirah nk dropped by jgk. ala........nk tak sempat kot nk tgu dorang.takpelah lain kali. turned back heading car when suddenly

"waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh~~!!!! aini kirah!! OMG OMG"

so happy to meet u guys!! kirah dah ada baby boy, aini still searching. takpe2 we promised you we'll get you the handsome, young & jutawan kay???! forget us not la nnt! so glad for our

short R.E.U.N.I.O.N

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