Thursday, April 29, 2010

what is your AMBITION?

haa.... thats always the Q asked ever since we are sooo cute up to now when we are soo hot! *ehem ehem* as far as i remember, i grew up with different kind of ambition at different stage of life. i bet u r as well~~~ *sila jgn nafikan ye* but somehow some, or should i say most of us grew up to be totally different from what we aspire to be. for me, here are

my ambitions

primary school = stewardess

bolleeey??? haha. yes truely i wanted to be one. its just becoz those lady got to be in the aircraft, fly around the world, free holiday here & there. those day naik airplane ni not so cheap like today. no low cost, all mas. so kids w seriously loaded pocket je could fly!

lower secondary school = architect

tell u im good at drawing & colour ok. i have stable hand *yelaaa.... thats the requirement to be one* im good at transferring ideas into paper, i can visualize a drawing/an idea to be reality. so i think being one is the best for me! somemore azhar sulaiman is handsome & is archi as well~~ ala...can count as well kan? motivator nih..!!!

upper secondary school = engineer

going into technical school, i felt like becoming an engineer. although i dont know what the h**l is chemical engineer, and since engineer is quite glamour u know. yelaa... if org tya "u keje ape?" "engineer" tak ke bangga tu. and summore i just dont want to be in the same line with my 2 sisters *hi u ols!* and for me, taking engineering subject is much more challenging than business subject. and i wanted to get sponsor from big O&G company

university = simulation engineer

wah~~ this is more specific dah. my interest has focus to simulation. i like software, analytical, process modeling subject. i just loiiiikee!!!! and for me to study in a widely known uni in msia, i am so proud to work with the company. and summore when ppl said chemical engineering is the 5th toughest engineering in the world at that time, i would like to prove myself that i can excel to be one of the high flyer result
*eksyen sungguh!*

working = management

here i am doing that thing now. i like to do this simply becoz i can see the organisation as a whole. i like to see things from top to bottom, 360deg. i just love dealing with people, networking with management, developing capability.. u name it! i love the whole story about developing people

now = business
wah gitew~!! i am into this thing since i was young. but i just dont realise it *or was i in denial??* for me, business makes me tak duduk diam. i just cant go to work everyday and comeback home with nothing else to do except housework & family. of course i like doing that~~ i like to keep myself busy and do many things at one time. my dad always said "u never know if u can do it unless u tried once". and for me to try, and fall, and try again, and continue trying, is making me feel soooooo alive! hahahha

future = where to ya?

working abroad maybe......this is not a hint to resign yee... harap maklum!!

so what is your ambition?

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