Thursday, April 22, 2010

i am sooooo into......

of course work is not complete without food~~
breakfast - tea break - lunch - tea break

what a day ya!! i like this i*****a hotel not becoz the carpark is CLOSED (yup~! i wrote them feedback for last min notice. apekah!!!) but rather the amount of food offered every single break~~ seriously a LOT & variety. what a treat!! *harusssssla kan to compensate inconveniency* had a verrryy good lunch too *cam biasala buffet lunch mmg tak habis pon*


after all of these good food, lovely lunch, coming to tea break summore, i remember that i FORGET to take my carpark ticket dlm kete!!!!!!!! goooossshhhhh.........!!!! shoottttttt guccciiii~~~~ cant believe it.. means that i neeedd to walk back to the car just to angkut the ticket *eh u ols takde provide trasnport ke?? penat hokeh!!* this is how my new episode of kaki ketam started

owh...i soooooo need my i-squeez rite now~~!

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