Saturday, May 1, 2010

tomyam kung!

uuuuu.......slurppp!!!! reading it pon u must have meleleh air liur~~~~ lets share my version of

thai tomyam kung v1


crab, prawn, fish fillet, squid, chicken
2 garlics
2 big onions
1" galangal (lengkuas)
10 hot chilies (up to ur spicy level)
4 lemon grasses
5 pcs daun limau purut
4 lemons (squeeze for juices)
1 tsp tamarind
1 tbs red chili paste
1 tbs thai tomyam paste
1 pkt adabi white tomyam paste
4 small tomatoes


sauté garlics, onions, galangal
pour in water and put in chili paste, tomyam pastes, chicken, hot chilies, lemon grasses, daun limau purut, lemon juices, tamarind
let it boil for 15mins approx
put in seafoods and tomatoes. continue boiling
put in sugar & salt according to your taste


sluuuuuuurrrrrppppppppppp~~~~ mesti mau!!! 

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