Thursday, June 10, 2010

am a happy mommy!!!

am very lazy to go out for jalan2 during lunch hour esp when it was school hols. so many tiny miny people in klcc. yesterday, accidentially.. i walked down the escalator in i-setan and saw this

it didnt computed in my mind coz i was in a rush. i looked again and again. OMG~~ its a serious bargain tho.... ape lagey~~ laju je jalan heading to the event hall. ada la around 2-3 org je!!! people simply tak perasan kot. i was so excited and started to choose. when i asked for size, byk dah habis. the guy said 

"kalau akak dtg 4 haribulan aritu, byk lagi yg lawa2 kak.."

haiyooo dik.. kalau akak tau, mmgla akak dtg kan~! takpe2... 

"u tolong la i carikan yg cantik2. i angkut sume. tp yg ada size je tau" 

punyela crash shopping namanye took me only 15mins to browse around and catch 6 in total. yes he was right!!!! mmg byk size comel lote ni dah habis... sob sob

"takpe kak.. slalu jugak dorang buat sale camni"

haa.... bagus2. nnt akak dtg melawat awak slalu yee *wink wink* kenapalaaa aku tak tau awal2~~ kalau tak sure dah hangkot sebakul kot!

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