Thursday, June 24, 2010

unclear = unpredictable

haih.. just dont like it when things are unclear. everything seems unpredictable. anything can change~ skit2 sudah laa... penat la~! feels like writing an objective without the end in mind. eh bukan bukan.. there is the end in mind but can i say... its unclear and grey?? its like a sky without a limit, a sea without an end *__* pitam jap!

dealing with change is not easy peasy ya.. and to be in the changing environment is far that uncomfortable. 
feels like its a waste of time but the fact that its a trial & error
feels like its going to end but the fact that its still debatable
feels like its a new hope that comes by but the fact that...

doctor sila kasi saya mc pliissshhhh.......!!

p/s : apela pulak si qist ni main slide2 on my back~

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