Sunday, June 27, 2010

celebration @ SERAI

tonite we had a celebration dinner for my sis-dr-yana-to-be *winkwink* we chose serai thai restaurant in shah alam as it was our thumbs-up place in shah alam *melepas tony roms....* 

its always our chosen rest in shah alam. we simply like the rest as the food.... 


we had quite a big dinner with selections of
tomyam kung
original thai tomyam with a lemon sour taste, mild hot
butter prawn
chiangmai fried fish
our alternate to 3-rasa
wholesome omelet
consist of mushroom, prawn, onion etc. seriously full
fried coated squid
our alternate to fried coated prawn
kangkung belacan
fried bean sprout

ok enuff with the food. me was soo excited with the food that i forget the pix!! haih... how come meh~~ ni ha jela satu yg sempat snap sebelom adios amigos abitos

i was so impressed that they had opened for 11 years!! thumbs up to the owner... Rina Abdullah & Shahryir Taff. when i googled about this rest tonite, i came across their new brand under serai. its their new

serai satay bar

ooowwoowwwww....... in Pavilion~~!!! must go n check out l

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