Saturday, June 19, 2010

DAY 1 the Carnivall

having too tired with theCity, we always plan for a short getaway. its does not necessary means luxury vacation or well planned getaway. for us, our short break or getaway always comes handy! hahaha. i repeat.. short one ye.. kalau real vacay haruusslah plan bebetol kan~

this time around, its @ cinta sayang resort + the Carnivall. i never knew about this place until ku mentioned last few weeks.  i went to cinta sayang resort in 2006. i guess the place was not up-to-date and the maintenance was quite low. surprisingly, when i returned back after 4 years, i would say it has improved and for the fact that its part of the Carnivall, i guess it should be la kan~~

once we arrived at sungai petani, we went straight to the Carnivall first since hotel check in only at 3pm above. there was not many cars as i was expected like the one in sunway. good enough, the crowd is quite huge as this place is not that big. 

qist was not in her play mood as she was just having her sleep after long morning travel. we bought her new float since i forget to bring hers *haiyoo.. dah list pon lupe??* we received the pink band to identify our entrance. owh btw, the ticket comes with a free *yes you heard me rite!* lunch pack. today it was nasi goreng & soft drink. as its only nasi goreng letak mix vege + cili sket, we purchased some ayam goreng~!! owh.. upinipin *wink* 

while waiting for mr sun to cool down a bit, qist happily play with her mr bubble maker. sampai jatuh coz soo semangat!! aaaaahh... lega... mood nampaknye hampir kembali~ 

we started our day with jungle playground. here there are many fun to play with. water gun, slides, pool, wheel etc. paling best is when the pile at top penoh air, it will falls down !!! kaabbuussshhh!!! everyone is always waiting for that time *wink*

then we cruise along river of adventure. its actually to take qist in the mood. hurm.. takde maknenya... merengek2  tanak sit the the float! haiyoo.. rugi je beli..~ we try also the kiddies cove. here its mainly slides for kids but again... tanak jugak~ papa mama dia laaa yg kene slide together~~ there was a lil horse for riding. rm3 je per ride tp qist tanak naik. and a trampoline too... this one foc! guess she seriously not in the mood today. 

for adult, you should try out water coaster and wild river. its a huge slide using bouy. OMG!! i want to try ok.... tp qist tanak duduk dgn org lain. huuuurrrmmmmm..... last2 dgn mak2 dia takde mood. 

that nite, we had a steamboat dinner and went back when the world cup just started.

see ya @ DAY 2!!


amir said...

best giler tpt nie!!! menarik...

hana.basri said...

best la tapi tak giler~~ hahaha. think sunway lageeey better

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