Wednesday, June 23, 2010

how to control bloated tummy?

have you ever experience tummy ache? the one that is related to bloat? its very very uncomfortable and of course, painful sometimes. i am a person that easily get bloated tummyso how to prevent it? the answer is... never can! hahaha. the best solution is actually

how to control bloated tummy
from my experience

say NO to ice
its chilling... sometimes i do say yes esp when it comes to ice blended choc drink! awwww..... irresistible ~~ 

say NO to carbonated drink
gas = bloat. got it?

say NO to durian
sob sob... this is the hardest! so i usually take one or two ulas only

eat slowly and munch as much as possible
munch your food before it gets in allows the food to be process faster and lessen the chance to get bloat

eat small portion for every meals
yes for sure you will get hungry faster than usual! so be prepared with your light healthy snack *ehem ehem*

all the best peeps!


fizamior said...

aiyooo!!!! sume pon i tibai la... how??? :D

hana.basri said...

jawabnye bloated tak turun2 la~~ :P

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