Wednesday, June 2, 2010

trip to janda baik_day ONE

short break surrounded by nature
*the theme*

enjoyed it and was fun tho. it was papa's biz trip that we are tumpang-ing *hoho* my dad love nature so much that he chose janda baik to have his project discussion. it should be only 45 mins from KL but due to long weekend, it turns out to be almost hour and a half from KL due to heavy traffic many3 cars on the road

we reached pondok impian around 1pm and straight away checked in. qist & faris enjoy to be by the pool with the faris latest collection of mega block, mickey version. haruuuuusslah suke sgt qist~!!! its mickey *wink*

although it was very hot as the mr sun shining so bright, i was glad that this spot is apparently cool. well i think its becoz the pool that makes the wind blows and carried the water mist *chillllllllll* owh owh. the best part is that..... the pool uses the water from the nearby river. additional cool + cool. nyaman sekali~!!!! i noticed that there is few cats wondering around. these cats are soooo clean + chantek~~

this pondok impian is a basic homestay with chilling swimming pool, bbq spot, karaoke, room service, cafeteria and a mini pond with fishes swimming happily~~

the owner, very very warm..... guess u must have seen her before in the TV *wink wink*

early in saturday morning, we went out early to enjoy the morning walk by the nature. yup... its a heaven made not far from KL. i guess it should be a place to chill out after long, jam, pack days in the city. just to refresh our body and mind. its true that how beautiful the man made are, the nature still the best!!

we had our breakfast at andak's place as suggested by the owner. sorry no pix u ols~!! coz so semangat tapau-ing nasi lemak + lontong. hohoho

at noon, we checked out pondok impian .... to experience another spot in janda baik

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