Monday, June 7, 2010

bbq weekend

earlier we have a thot of having this bbq by the beach, but the big boss switch the plan to lenggeng recreational forest with a condition.... tony romas dinner on sunday if we dont satisfied with the place. huhuhu. of course we agreed with the condition kan~~~ it was only an hour ride from bangi via lekas highway 
*i have no idea about this route*

we reached the hutan lipur lenggeng at 1pm when the sun is shining brightly. thanx to mother nature as it was so cooling in the forest

qist & faris were asleep but immediately woke-up when they had...

habis the tikar with all the sand on it~!! bbq started heavenly full with foods and lots of foods... 

papa asked "hows the place?"

we were like.. "okeylaa....." with a hope for tony romas!!!!

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