Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ECO bottle

yeay~! my twin has arrived on sunday. long waited love~~ *wink wink* so now i have this twin and her big sister

tupperware has been very close to our heart ever since i was small. still remember how i used to bring my bekal to school everyday either in orange or green square tupperware container. always waiting for lunch hour to share with friend and exchanged with theirs. hohoho. how time flies so fast!! 

nowadays, my sis pulak yg giler tupperware and for the fact that she is the member, shows her interest in collecting it. me? not a fan but must purchase when necessary. i like to purchase it online. simple~ just view, click, pay.. olla~ its arrived!! it stuck me when i saw my sis bought her water bottle. she advised me to at least buy a good water bottle *and water filter* since its our daily consumption and very important elements in our daily life. exposed water could cause it to chemically reacted with the container *chemical leach* esp the one that is made from toxic materials. 

so why i buy tupperware ECO water bottle

its made from safe, non toxic materials
its tested & proven to be safe for reuse for a lifetime
it has no chemical leach even under extreme condition
it just worth your $$$$

ECO bottle only cost you rm42.40 for two and big sister only cost you rm30. just google and find good bargain from dealer that could offer you up to additional 20% discount on top of available bargain. so peeps~~ solution? buy tupperware water bottle
*me no agent here hokeh*

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