Thursday, June 3, 2010

coconut ice blended *mmmmmmmm*

yum.... yummm...yummmmmmmi....yummmmiiieeeee!!
wah gitew~~ i bought this yesterday newar to papa's home. at first i didnt realise it. thot it was org jual kueh. when i saw the banner, was like *mmmmmm...... how does it taste* straight away u-turn and stop for drive thru. drive thru la sgt..... turunkan tingkap "kasi 3 bang" hohohohho. wherever i buy food/drink that they made in front of me, i will always hafal all of the ingredient. who knows that it can be done at home! lagi seedaaaaapppppp~~~

from my observation, the coconut ice blended version abg yg jual tepi jalan

2 scoop of coconut
coconut drink *ayor klape*
1 small cup of evaporated milk
1 cedok of diluted sugar
a pour or two of plain water
1 cedok of ice

blend all for 3mins
ready to be gone!!

one thing for sure, it taste sooo good. what can be improved?? use a young coconut instead peeps!! takdela rasa hampas2 ye sesgt

die die must try

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