Wednesday, June 9, 2010

oprah & rachael ray

my 2 favs ever~~ they started low, they are now big!!! the have the passion, they have the motivation, they have the courage

oprah winfrey

of course its a big name~~ who dont know this multi-billion lady rite. she has been success all the way through. having multi-billion assets, giving charity with no big deal and even better, giving gifts!! what more can i say. she is just lovely, she is just kind, she is just O. i admire her dearly for her passion and strength of made it through this far. she stand on her own branding, she stand on her own feet and she stand tall~!! 
me love you O~~

rachael ray

every other mommies love her. her recipe... its simple  & delicious!! its easy to understand, its easy to follow. she is just bubbly~~ *wink* she has fresh ideas in creating simple menus. she is naturally talented and her show is just a wow!! fantastic strong lady with a big heart. love your fashion session, love your giveaway. 
me love you rach~~

both of them have something in comment...


so when is my next?


AinN said...

hello kak hana. I do adore Oprah too! :D

hana.basri said...

kan~~~~~~ she's soooooo freaking guuuuudddd!!!

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