Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the sun has shine again~!

alhamdulillah.. after 2 days qist has recovered a lot. her diarrhea is still at early stage when warded on sunday. she has lost her appetite thus that worsen the situation. bad virus!! 

her wind has slows down, her diarrhea has improved, no need to drip thru her line since yesterday *big smiley face* the only thing now... to up her normal appetite. we bring her pampering frens to get along with... colouring book, her mickey sketch book, upinipin pencil colour, psp to watch upin ipin, tigger & pooh pillow and also mr yogi bear! *haa.. yg ni mama dia yg semangat bwk~ hoho*

qist need to take in soy-based milk sepanjang @ hospital. gladly she didnt refused it.. erm.... bile qist dah tido lah sbenanye~~ if not, "nanak! nanak! nanak!"

bile doc kata bleh discharge je, me & ku dgn bersemangat nye meng-pack segala barang and ready sekelip mata~~! 

yeay boleh balik!!!!! 

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