Tuesday, June 15, 2010

casa seimpian bersama en ku

welcome akak2, puan2, adik2. hari ini kite bersama en ku dalam casa seimpian~~!! 

we are currently in the midst of giving our guest room a new look.awaiting for our guest to check in pretty soon... targeting in sept. this means 3 mths to go.. minus 1 mth of puasa = 2 months!! erk~~ we love natural colour scheme.. well i could say my home if based on this colour *wink*

casa seimpian
~ my to do list ~

paint room  done
new-touch curtain 
mirror long mirror  done
soft touch

ku has painted the wall ala-ala hotel gitew...! i truly love the colour~~ 

me love you han!!!!! 


MamaAshraff said...

am i d guest to be?huhu...terasa la plak...thx so much la sis eventhough dr kecik slalu je gaduh...but actually,u r really kind n lovable...luv ya...

hana.basri said...

flattteerrrreeeddd..... qist asyik dok "nk tenok auntie unyie" bile bukak FB!!


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