Sunday, June 13, 2010

outing with UpinIpin @ Zoo Negara

yesterday was a happening day for qist as we participated in UpinIpin Club Launching @ Zoo Negara. we planned to be there at 8am *takot takde parking* but ended up at 9am!! yup.. as expected seriously many many many cars. gladly we were still "early" and managed to get a parking at the most end. takpe2.. kerana upinipin kugagahkan jua~~ qist was still in sleeping mode when we arrived. got changed her baju in the car and here we go.....

iye iye.. i yg overexcited when we reached there. ni baru kat entrance nih!! hahahaa. before the event started, there was a colouring contest. soooooo many kids participated and they do received complimentary colour pencil in a small tube. so cute!! qist was starting to semangat and wanted to colour as well. it was just a tiny dot and scarth here and there... but i submitted as well!! who knows that she could win for 1 year old category kan~~ *mmg takde category pon*

 we parked qist's stroller near upinipin merchandise booth to book our place for the launching. serious ramai org ye~!! at 10am then the launching started. here they are... qist was soooo excited "eyy.. pinipin!! pinipin!" even i wanted to kipas2 her coz she was freaking berpeluh2, she was like "ey..nangan nangan.... pi pi.. tak ampak..!" bukan main lageeeeeyyyyy.......

while waited for the mascot to appear afterwards, we had our lunch at the wild fast food restaurant *very NOT recommended u ols~~* she then again.. "pinipin..pinipin.." haiyoo~~ makan dulu yeeee kiddo!!  when we finally back at the event, we saw the mascot appearing!! so ape lageeey.. follow lah!! there was

upin & ipin



and my fav.. mei mei!!
*owhh..whyla i look so ghelap here~*

qist wasnt afraid of the mascot at all!!! she just love them soo much~~ aritu beriya takot masa kat disneyland! yes she was sooo excited and ku has to follow her running around towards upin ipin. last2 kene dukung jugey.  we stood nearby the stage so that qist can see those mascot live

too long there, qist started to show sign of hungry with sucking her 2 fingers! we then head again to the restaurant. oopsss.. before that!! "eh.. ehsan laaa.... jom2 amik gamba!!"

ehsan in red, ijat in yellow

haa... which one is ijat? remember the boy who cannot speak but make a lot of facial movement and sound and hand gesture? so hes the one!! the watak sampingan yg glamer~~

owh owh... see this.. the live mail & ehsan with their voice!! soooo cute~~~

i guess mail is a bit shy boy lah~~ while ehsan, ya.. its shows why he is the ketua darjah! *winkwink*

there goes our enjoyable outing with UpinIpin @ Zoo Negara


SyidaMislan said...

ai jeles okaaaay!
nak jmpa upin ipin jugak.....
eventho zoo tu less than 10km fm my house tp tak pernah bawak Aqid pegi sana lagi..huhu....

template baru ni cantik!

hana.basri said...

no worrys gorjes. they have another session as a featuring somewhere in early aug @ berjaya times square. cant remember the details.

thanx gorjes~!!

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