Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tigger & pooh pillow

owh my owh my... yesterday i felt sooooo sleepy @ work. felt like not enuff energy. even slept for 15 mins during lunch hour. i told myself to have a good deep sleep once i reached home. i think maybe i have not enuff rest over the weekend. full of activities i shall say. 

ku fetched me on the afternoon and we went back, fetch qist and went for dinner. qist has recently developed new admiring & loving to her tigger & pooh pillow. it used to be there since she was born and yet baru skang ni semangat~~ she even cried when rain started to falls down heavily and her pillow was in the car!!! huh?? *confused* when we reached the kedai, again she cried dont want to leave the pillow in the car. i asked her if she wanted to bring it down. she said "nanak" huh?? *me even confused* 

once i reached home at 7.30pm, i tried to sleep but this lil creature kacau2 me pulak.. at last , i dont know what time i fall asleep and woke up at 12.30am!! hohoho. konon ask ku to wake me up at 9pm *wink*

and this morning after feeding qist, all of her sudden she said "eh... mana igger n pooh?" masyaAllah..... ini dah masuk bab mengingau nih!!

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