Tuesday, June 1, 2010

how to manage stress?

am sure each & everyone of us experience stress everyday... be it very tiny or very godzilla *size does matter u ols* i learn this from a ceo during our meeting few months back. he said that it works well for him as he has been doing it for some years already
i find it very very interesting that i wrote it down and pass the story around. you may link this post to your blogpost and share it with more people

how to manage stress naturally?

* discovered via 20 years research*

thalamus (part of our brain) functions to relay sensory information to our body
when we are stress (doesn’t matter the % e.g 1%, 10%, 50%, 100% etc), our body will produced 1400 type of bad chemicals aka toxin
it accumulate at the thalamus and results in low sensor transmission

how to control this?

align your heart & mind
for muslim, we achieve this thru solat, wirid, zikir *how beautiful islam is* 
from the research, they discovered this method
it can be done by breathing technique
inhale thru nose (count 1-6) 
imagine the happiest moment in your life
then exhale thru mouth (count 1-6)

how does it help?

our body will produced its anti-oxidant naturally and keep away the bad toxin

all natural
no coloring, no artificial flavor 
very cheap
*wink wink*

happy trying peeps
the more you do it, the younger you'll become!!

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