Tuesday, June 29, 2010

may “mama” rest in peace

as today would be a great day, there was indeed a sadness lies within
when you have someone that is so dear to you, nothing will stop them to go away

every morning, every noon, every nite
the meow will greet us
be it for food, be it for attention,
be it to say hi, be it to say goodbye

mama is the name, mama is the most kind, mama is always a mama
soft, sweet and loving

together for more than 15years
we have seen mama from cute lil cat
we have seen mama becoming a mummy
we have seen mama became a granny

how time flies for mama
the illness keep mama away from us
the illness created a distance
the illness make us realize the love

thank you Al-Mighty for the time given
thank you Allah for giving a lesson
thank you Allah for taking mama back “home”
away from the suffer..

sleep tight dear mama
have a good dream there
may you rest in peace mama
may you find auntie over there
kiss us to auntie
hug us to auntie
were gonna miss you both


~ written by hana.basri ~


tiefazatie said...

rest in peace mama..
sedihnye...mama kucing ifa pun baru je mati last month..tapi nasib ade anak2 die 4ekor nie..=)

hana.basri said...

sob sob...

tiefazatie said...

jgn sedih2 ye kak..=(


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