Monday, June 14, 2010

kids nightmare

i noticed lately qist has developed her sense on nightmare. she sometimes woke up crying out loud and tried to run away. she will, of course 

"naaakkk paaapaaa..... uwaaaa~~"

early this morning she suddenly scream!! seriously loud!! i was very shocked and straightaway hugged her tight. 

what makes kids have a nightmare?

"Your child's nightmares may stem from listening to a story that's scary (even if it doesn't seem scary to you), watching an upsetting TV show or movie, getting excited or worked up before bed, or feeling anxious or stressed during the day"
quoted :

ic.... no wonder la she sometimes get nightmare... yes she is getting excited everytime before bed but i usually will baca doa tidur together with her before sleep. i know it may help her sleep well. owh ya.. upin ipin laso will be her sleeping fren. i mean.. she will watch upin ipin until she slept! haa.. ni yg part dangerous nih~

how to help your kiddo after a nightmare?

my first reaction was of course, hugged her tight and recited some ayat.. normally astagfirullah or surah. according to what i read, physical reassurance e.g. hug, rub her is very important to help her until she calms down. you need to tell her that "its just a dream.." or "its ok its ok mama is here...". something that could helps her going to sleep

how to prevent from having a nightmare?

you may give your lil kiddo her favourite toy that she could "trust". something that is so dear to her. something that she can hold on to. this is to create an environment of feeling safe. tell her also that there is nothing to be afraid of coz its only a dream. for us muslim, of course reciting some doa and surah would help much. her guardian angle will always keep her sleep safe & sound *wink wink*

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