Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DAY 2 the Carnivall

we checked in Cinta Sayang Resort late afternoon in day 1 prior our steamboat dinner. i didnt give much hope on the room as i went there in 2006 and not liking it. to my surprise, it has improve ever since! good good.. altho not refurbish but at least, better~~

they have wifi in the room *big big smiley face*, the tv is the old skool one, not flat screen with limited tv channel. yeah.. its still ok coz we only stay there for a night. and it was tiring after day 1 @ the carnivall. 

we went for our bfast at 10am. hoho.. quite late quite late. bfast choices is so-so lah. the food still many, just the variety and taste is less. we did tapau bubur for qist as she wasnt feeling well. 

qist like fishes at the lobby. seriously.... its big!!!!! omg.. its big okay~~ and you can even touch them! gosh.. its quite scary

this resort is a drive-to-the-room resort. means that the room and the lobby is quite far. the environment is good.. they also have golf course just in front of the lobby. 

we checked out at 1pm to proceed with wedding at SP and then head back to ku's hometown

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