Tuesday, June 15, 2010

top chef in the making

lately i have developed a new interest... i love to cook late at night *around 10pm* for ku's lunch the next day. eventho i knew he could actually went out to have his lunch, apparently he dont!! alih2 i balik tanya "mkn ape lunch?" he simply answer



dah takde mende lain~~ pastu cicah dgn air! so i decided to cook instead. tak kisah la pukul brape dia mkn janji mkn nasi~

its actually fun cooking late at night esp when u know the clock is ticking. feels like in the Top Chef challenge!! hahahaha. yeah...i know its tiring but mind over body rite?!


Rina Sharif said...

salam ziarah..

the same goes to mu hubby.. guess i need to pack him some food also lah..

Nur Asyiqin said...

istri mithali....terharu

hana.basri said...

rina : hi rina~! ya lorr.. hubby2 nih kekadang lupezz esp time world cup nih!

along : aminnnn.......!


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