Sunday, June 20, 2010

qist on diarrhea

it started of last thurs when we noticed that she had 3x poopoo. we didnt sense anything yet. so we were off to kedah. started friday, qist refused to eat and minum susu. we were worry but thot of her teeth is coming out. yup can see her another teeth is popping! she continue refusing food n milk. we can only gave her milk when she mamai2 nk tido. she continue to poopoo and poopoo after few hours taking in milk or eat. later then we sense something is not rite. after came back from kedah, we straight away go to hospital. doc adviced us to admit qist so that they can start to drip in water & glucose and monitor her but we have a 2nd thot. we wanted to ask our babysitter to try n feed her. normally if qist refused to eat, makcik mila always berjaya to feed her. doc said ok. went back to our home n panaskan bubur qist, she poopoo again.. this time with blood in her watery stool. *alamak..* later then we went to makcik's house. after 10mins, makcik call us and said she dont want to eat.... 

hurm... i got no choice than warded qist. me going now peeps~~ hope can update on qist's progress. doakan supaya qist can eat well n sembuh..

"ya Allah, permudahkan qistina untuk makan dan minum. semoga Engkau memberikan kesihatan yang baik utk qistina. amin ya rabbal 'al-amin..."

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