Thursday, June 10, 2010


my tummy seriously bloated today!!! whole day yeeee..... adoyaiy~~ *me not yet preggy.. wink* since yesterday felt discomfort but today... OMG... seriously cannot help. dahla im conducting workshp. not that bloated wanna go toilet but rather hangen jeeee. one of the staff ask me to take in charcoal. so during lunch trying hard finding it at the ofc. selamat ada first aid kit! my fren oso help to urut *thanx anis* she advise to minum air suam as well

what cause it? hw it happen? i oso donolaaaa... adoyaiy~~ takde feeling eating n eating. so terpaksa la redha je tgk all the yummy food... *sob sob*

balik i terus took habbatus sauda' oil + honey. for me, it really works ever since my confinement day. it seriously help for hangen!!

try out~~

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